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Geek Mythology

The Eight (8) Most Common Myths About Geeks

You’ve all seen the shows and watched the movies, and you probably know a few in real life. But do you really know them? Separate the stereotypes from reality as we list down (and confirm or debunk) the top myths about your friendly-neighborhood-geek:

All geeks are tech savvy

In recent years, the most common type of geek you’ll meet are the gadget geeks. These are people who live and breathe technology, and know and own everything from an iPod to a custom-built super-computer. However, not all geeks have the interest, the education, nor the luxury to afford such an affliction.

All geeks are Star Wars and/or Star Trek fans

These classics may well be one of the favorite topics of geeks, but believe it or not, not everyone are fanboys (or girls). Although a huge population of geeks are divided on which of these sci-fi franchises is the best of all time, you’ll most probably come across a few who don’t like either one of ‘em. (I for one can’t fathom this… what’s not to like?!!)

All geeks collect comic books

With the recent success of superhero movies and a string of upcoming releases expected to hit it big, it’s apparent that geeks comprise a big percentage of the viewing public. These geeks are the superhero fanboys… and superheroes, as we all know, all started out in the pages of a comic book. Not everyone of these geeks, though, are collectors. Some only saw the old movies or the old cartoons, and quite a number of them just read a few storylines, borrowed a friend’s collection or asked a purist details about their favorite superhero.

All geeks spend hours playing video games

While most of the previous myths may be a little debatable since a huge number (but not all) of geeks actually do like the above mentioned activities, videogame geeks are definitely a much more marginalized sector. In my group of geeky friends alone, I only know of a couple of people who share the same addiction I have for video games.

Geeks are really smart

It does take some brains to be able to absorb and retain so much knowledge on all things geek, so this stereotype must definitely have a grain of truth to it.

Only men are geeks

Contrary to what you normally see on film and television, there are a huge number of geeks who come from the female species, and a lot of them are hot too… Just look at all the female attendees of comic-cons and cosplay events around the world and you’ll see that geekdom is not a male-dominated world.

Geeks dress funny and talk weird

We don’t all wear glasses, and sport superhero shirts and high-waisted plaid pants. And most of us can carry a pretty normal conversation with other simple-minded human beings. The geeky stuff usually just come out when we’re around people who share the same interests.

Geeks don’t have girlfriends

Contrary to popular belief, geeks actually have social lives. We are not overly shy, and are not at all socially awkward. In fact, most of my geeky friends are either married or are in serious relationships with “non-geek” women. Heck, even Leonard Hofstadter dated Penny, an extremely hot specimen, for years.

So although most of the stereotypes may be based on slivers of truth, they are almost always greatly exaggerated. Geeks are as normal as the guy who’s into sports or the girl who’s into fashion. In fact, I’m pretty sure at least one of your friends is a geek, and you might not even know it.

Geek used to be a derogatory term used to describe socially inadequate man-children who live in their mother’s basements. In the past couple of decades, however, we’ve seen such geeks rise to fame, fortune and power… Now, being one actually means having the potential to be the next big thing. So geeks of the world, stand proud! ‘Nuff said.